Pop Up Dining KL is full of surprises

A unique concept and approach to a brand new dining experience, Pop Up Dining KL is full of surprises not because their menu is constantly changing but you never really know where they are!

Digging deep into our primal instincts of hunting for food, Pop Up Dining KL has no fixed schedule as they pop up randomly at different locations around the Klang Valley. Their menu is meticulously prepared by their young head chef Daniel Yap. But one thing to expect is the impeccable quality and plating that makes every meal a memorable and Insta-worthy one.



The masterminds of events,

who are also the chefs, have kept their day jobs despite the success of the pop-up dining concept. 



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aesthetically beautiful meals

they aren’t just beautiful to look at, for much effort has been poured lovingly into their recipes. This is due to the fact that the menu and location for Pop Up Dining KL is ever-changing and this certainly keeps chefs Daniel, Amanda and Miki on their toes, depending on what cuisine they are looking to experiment with next!



The dishes created are guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing and, by proxy, highly Instagram-worthy. nine.com.au


The food business is one of the most demanding in terms of effort, time and money; hence, PASSION is what usually drives an enterprise like Pop Up Dining KL.
— Time Out KL

Joining us on the show are the team behind Pop Up Dining KL, a dining experience that takes their creative culinary inventions through various locations. We chat with them about the idea of doing a pop up, the dishes that they serve, and their recipe for easy cured salmon. - BFM Radio 89.9

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Menariknya, kakitangan yang terbabit mendapat tunjuk ajar dari pakar kulinari iaitu Pop Up Dining KL.  - MyMetro 


“A Dining Experience With Meticulously Crafted Meals


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You could also get in on the supper club scene by securing spots at Pop Up Dining KL,
— SAYS on Dating Tips



Pop Up Dining KL offers up a whole new dining experience… every time  - themalaymailonline.com


The collaboration showcases risk-taking recipes that highlight the Pop Up founders’ personalities & passions, while also illustrating how Sarsi is a beverage that capably complements a wide breadth of cuisines.

During the launch at Brew & Bread Cafe in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, guests had the chance to express their creativity through a coffee-painting workshop led by coffee caricature artist Vivian Lee, in which Essenso coffee was used as paint. This was followed by a food-pairing session. The menu was created by Pop Up Dining KL. - thestar.com.my